120 Martyrs Of Hadiab, Or Madiabena, In Persia Put To Death For Not Worshiping The Sun A.D. 345

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New daily posts on this blog in response to the political and religious heretic Chuck Baldwin who claims that the early Roman Catholic Martyrs were put to death not for the love of Jesus Christ Crucified but were put to death only for refusing to worship Caesar as God.
First Century Christians were not persecuted because they worshipped Jesus; they were persecuted because they refused to worship Caesar; they refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of Caesar. It was for this reason that early Christians were fed to lions and made sport of in the amphitheaters. More here
So I try to post daily the lives of the Martyrs and the reason given for their persecution and death. If one martyr is found put to death for not worshiping Caesar as God then I will post it. But know that that one martyr not worshiping Caesar as God did so out of love for the Blessed Trinity and the Roman Catholic Faith. This is where Mr. Baldwin insults the memory of the early Roman Catholic Martyrs. The Martyrs were put to death for an affirmation that the religion that Jesus Christ gave man is true and the Jesus is the Son of God and the Roman Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ. we believe all that Jesus Christ taught because He confirmed His doctrine and teachings with His holy way life and the miracles that He performed.

Caesar never confirmed that he is a god by his holy way of life because he did not lead a holy life nor did he confirm it by any miracles he performed because there where no miracles performed. Caesar is not God. 1st century Roman Catholics know this.

Again 1st century Roman Catholic Martyrs were put to death BECAUSE THEY WORSHIPED JESUS CHRIST CRUCIFIED.

Chuck Baldwin is a liar.

I will post every day for 1 year to show that heretical men like Baldwin should not be read or listened to in matters of religion or politics. Baldwin has an agenda for writing his attacks against the memory of the Roman Catholic Martyrs and the memory of the Divinely Ordained Political Authority that put Jesus Christ to death (the Roman Emperor) and that is to give reasons for modern man to worship modern democracy and to worship the U.S. Constitution and to reject the worship of Jesus Christ Crucified and to reject obedience given to the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

Whether you believe me or not one day soon there will be a dramatic change in the world that will come from the hand of God and that change will be political in nature and that change will overthrow all the republics in the world and it will destroy modern democracy altogether. This change will come about when the Bishop of Mainz calls the other six Imperial Electors together for a vote to elect the next Holy Roman Emperor.

Whether or not Baldwin has a fear of the return of the Roman Emperor I know not. But one thing is certain is that foolish men like him will do all in their power to attack any such restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor and will do all in his power to keep alive the worship of modern democracy and the US Constitution.

Here read for April 6th the act of Martyrs from  the pen of Butler:
In the fifth year of our persecution, say the acts, Sapor being at Seleucia, caused to be apprehended in the neighboring places one hundred and twenty Christians, of which nine were virgins, consecrated to God ; the others were priests, deacons, or of the inferior clergy. They lay six months in filthy stinking dungeons, till the end of winter : during all which space Jazdundocta, a very rich virtuous lady of Arbela, the capital city of Hadiabena, supported them by her charities, not admitting of a partner in that good work. During this interval they were often tortured, but always courageously answered the president that they would never adore the sun, a mere creature, for God ; and begged he would finish speedily their triumph by death, which would free them from dangers and insults.....

.....As they went out of it Jazdundocta met them at the door, fell at their feet, took hold of their hands, and kissed them. The guards hastened them on, with great precipitation, to the place of execution ; where the judge who presided at their tortures asked them again if any of them would adore the sun, and receive a pardon. They answered, that their countenance must show him they met death with joy, and contemned this world and its light, being perfectly assured of receiving an immortal crown in the kingdom of heaven. He then dictated the sentence of death, whereupon their heads were struck off.
No, nothing in there about refusing to worship Caesar. Martyred for worshiping Jesus Christ Crucified in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - refusing to call the Sun a god.


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