What? Not A Bomb? Minneapolis Explosion In Muslim Neighborhood Near Mosque Killing 3 Muslims Is Not Related To Muslim Bomb Making?

Three Dead Muslims

Muslim neighohood  - check!
Muslim residents - check!
Mosque - check!
Halal Meat Shop - check!
Dead Muslims - check!
Explosion - check!

Not a bomb? Are you kidding me?

Three Muslim males dead from the blast:

Jama Farah
Ahmed Farah
Ali Abdiqani Adan

The last Muslim was 29 years old.  Do ya think these Muslims were making bombs on New Year's day?

It's due to a natural gas explosion? Really? CenterPoint Energy said that they do not supply natural gas in the area.
'We had no natural gas in the area, that if natural gas was the cause, the roof would have likely 'come off, the wall would come out'  Rebecca Virden CenterPoint Energy 


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