Book Of Judges: Madianites Prefigure The Muslim Hordes - The Destroyers Of All That Is Good And Holy

STARNINA, Gherardo di Jacopo
Thebaid (detail)
c. 1410

And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord: and he delivered them into the hand of Madian seven years. And they were grievously oppressed by them. And they made themselves dens and eaves in the mountains, and strong holds to resist. And when Israel had sown, Madian and Amalec, and the rest of the eastern nations came up: And pitching their tents among them, wasted all things as they were in the blade even to the entrance of Gaza: and they left nothing at all in Israel for sustenance of life, nor sheep, nor oxen, nor asses. For they and all their flocks came with their tents, and like locusts filled all places, an innumerable multitude of men, and of camels, wasting whatsoever they touched. Judges.vii.

The  above painting is of Thebais, the Roman province of upper Egypt, the home of well over one hundred thousand monks and religious. Today, there are no Roman Catholic monasteries in this once Roman province. Why? Satan gave power to a man named Muhammad to raise up an army of locusts to plague all of northern Africa. Muhammad made war on all that the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic faith built. It is no different today the Muslims are still the same - destroyers of all that is good and holy:

Islam is a plague on mankind. Islam is from hell. The  Madianites were a pre-figurement of the Muslim horde. The  Madianites tormented and grievously oppressed the children of Israel for seven years. The Muslims have tormented grievously oppressed mankind for close to 1,400 years.

The children of Israel took to the hills to protect themselves from the marauding horde of the  Madianites. Every harvest season the Madianites paid a visit to the children of Israel and raided their crops and livestock. The Madianites were nomadic and did not sow their own crops, the Madianites did not raise their own cattle. The Madianites let someone else labor, they arrived only to take. The Madianites were destroyers. The Muslims behave the same. Only to take what others have built. Only to destroy what others have created.

In a recent work by Emmet Scott: Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited the author tells us about the Arab conquest of the west. The Muslims destroyed everything that western civilization built from buildings, to churches to land. The Muslims came and destroyed leaving Europe in the dark ages. The dark period for western civilization started with the rise of the political doctrine of Islam created by the false and lying prophet Muhammad sometime in the mid to late 600's. The plague of Islam on Europe ended about 1100.

Like the Madianites who paid a visit every year to the children of Israel, only to take what the Israelites sowed, the Muslims continually raided the land of others. Scott tells us that:
The religious concept of jihad (permanent religious war) made any kind of peace between the Arabs and the outside world impossible. Since it was the duty of every able-bodied Muslim to wage jihad, it became custom of Arab rulers to engage in raids on infidel territory on an annual (or twice-annual) basis.
Wait for others to sow and harvest, then pay a visit to steal everything. Scott also tells us the damage that the Arabs did to everything in its path:
The result was that within a very short time, the whole economy and lifestyle of the classical world disappeared. Once-fertile and irrigated territories were reduced to semi-desert, and the great cities which dotted these regions, from northern Syria to the Atlantic coast of North Africa, were reduced to ghost towns.
The Madianites and the Muslims are cut from the same cloth. Both nations only take and destroy. The Madianites were a pre-figurement of the Muslims.

There was hope for the children of Israel, their trial only lasted 7 years, whereas western civilization has been tormented by the Muslims for 1,400 years.  But the children of Israel were of one mind, were made humble, and cried to the Lord for help. Whereas western civilization is not of one mind, has not been humbled, and certainly does not cry to the Lord for help. The governments of western civilization do not even acknowledge God. So the Muslims will probably stick around for awhile.

'See how I rend myself, see how mangled is Mohammed!' Inferno xxviii
Dante & Virgil Visit Muhammed In The Pit Of Hell
Unknown 1350-1375


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