Ricky Gervais The Atheist Anti-Catholic Comic Is The Unnamed TV Comic Who Groomed Tragic Overdose Teenager: 18-Year-Old's Mystery Death After Star Showered Him With Gifts Then Made Sexual Advances

Established that Gervais is a vile man and hater of God and the Church that God founded. Sooner or later its gonna catch up to Gervais.

Just a couple of tweets from Mr. X:

Now for a story about an unnamed TV comic who sexually abused a teenager. The teenage boy felt so filthy that he overdosed on drugs given to him by the unnamed TV comic.

Question - why should  the TV comic go unnamed? Does this TV comic get some sort of special dispensation from the Pope to engage in sodomy and not get caught? Maybe a special dispensation to give drugs to a teenage boy who then overdoses and not get caught?

Here is the story on Mr. X:

A TV comedian ‘groomed’ a teenage boy for sex just months before the troubled youth killed himself, an inquest has heard. The gay comic, referred to only as ‘Mr X’ at the hearing, is said to have showered tragic Ben Cowburn with gifts then took him to drink and drug-fuelled parties. Within weeks the fashion student felt ‘dirty and used’ as he had become immersed in ‘a hedonistic lifestyle which he found distasteful’. At one party he was persuaded to strip in front of a group of men who began to fondle him until one guest intervened and told them to stop. After another late night of drink and drugs, the TV star crept into bed with Ben for sex. In a statement to the inquest, his twin sister Sophia said: ‘We had concerns about him being groomed by Mr X.’ Ben was due to work as the comedian’s stylist but they fell out and the teenager made several apparent suicide attempts and was admitted to a mental health hospital. There he took a serious drug overdose, and four days later he was found dead, a plastic bag at his side. In the weeks before he took his life, the 18-year-old suggested to family, friends and doctors that the famous comedian had taken advantage of him. He told one nurse: ‘I felt dirty, used, belittled and humiliated.’ After he was found dead in his hospital room, local police officers alerted Scotland Yard to ‘suggestions that Benjamin may have been the victim of a serious sexual assault’. But police never questioned the celebrity and he has not given evidence at Ben’s inquest, where the coroner agreed his identity should be protected. The claims emerged after the ongoing inquest heard from an independent expert that Ben did not receive the required standard of care at the hospital, and that staff had been kept in the dark about the seriousness of his condition. However, the jury has also heard evidence from several witnesses that Ben’s troubles worsened after he met the older man, soon after moving to London from Cornwall. He had been a star pupil at the Fashion Retail Academy founded by billionaire tycoon Sir Philip Green, the inquest in Truro heard last week. In his first year he was chosen to attend a lunch with Sir Philip, and in April 2010 he put a question to David Cameron when he visited the London college during the General Election campaign. Ben’s parents Sharon and Steve Cowburn, who run a chain of nursery schools in Cornwall, believed he had settled in well after starting the course in September 2009. ‘It was around this time I became aware that Ben had met a celebrity in a pub when he was out with friends,’ his mother told the inquest jury. Source

Mr. X? Really? Why should a sodomite get a pass and not have his name plastered all over the press? What? Because he's famous? Because he's gay? Because he's a comedian? What? is the court so worried about the frail condition of the famous sodomite that any public exposure might cause the frail and weak fairy to off himself?

Why protect the name of a sodomite?

And please....if this was a Catholic Bishop passing around a boy to other bishops for sex you best believe that the UK press would name names immediately!

Now for a video of Mr. X on the subject of  religion:


  1. I really do not think that RG is the name you are looking for

    1. Agree with previous anon, the unnamed comic is apparently 'openly gay' according to reports.

  2. I would certainly take this down.

  3. Just more religious BULL***T

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Regardless of who ever the comedian was, the sad suicide victim was not a child. Unlike the victims of the catholic church all over the world, especially in Ireland. The Roman Church is finished now. The last generation of Mass attendees are dying off, bitter at how their children and grandchildren were defiled and - even worse - how the Church chose to protect its image and bury the truth - "suffer the Little Children to come unto me". Little did they know, but they do now

  6. Wow... I don't think that you could sink much lower... Spreading lies about someone because you don't like what he says is pretty darn un-Christian of you, and to choose to spread these kinds of lies given the long history of paedophilia in the Catholic church is particularly galling... I think you should take a good long look at yourself and ask whether this is the kind of behaviour that God would approve of; I'm no expert, but I'm guessing probably not...

    Still, it's your lookout - it's fair to say that this damages you far more than him, particularly given that the true identity of "Mr X" is sure to emerge relatively soon. Then you'll just be left with a very bitter, libelous article on a supposedly Christian blog that hardly anyone reads and a massive stain on your character that no amount of confession could ever wipe clean.

    God help you!

  7. The point is the family of young guy who killed himself know who the person who groomed their son is .If it was my son no one on this planet would silence me i would be singing like a canary .

  8. Why are they keeping quiet? The pope promised a good seeing to in Heaven? If they don't? ;)

  9. Forwarded on to Mr. Jervias.

    I hope he sues the ass off you .. if it's not too sore from the buggering you get up to!

  10. Ricky Gervaise has a lot of money, if these accusations are false, RCI should pay him a billion pounds in damages. Short change to the RC church. The pope could lend them the money from his piggy bank.

  11. It was stephen K amos not rg you dolt

  12. Bearing false witness. Good move. See you in hell.

  13. Always good to see that mainly Christians take oneliner JOKES not only literary but also out of context to spew their 'beleaves' ...yet they wonder why the church gowers are thin in numbers, go figure.

  14. Always good to see that mainly Christians take oneliner JOKES not only literary but also out of context to spew their 'beleaves' ...yet they wonder why the church gowers are thin in numbers, go figure.


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