Unnamed TV Comedian (Ricky Gervais) Accused Of Grooming Teenager For Anal Sex Who Killed Himself Uses Top Libel Lawyer Carter-Ruck To Explain Himself To Boy's Family!

Hmmm....Mr. X better known as Ricky Gervais sent top libel lawyers to family of suicide victim to explain his relationship to the teenage boy.

Why send top libel lawyers to do your bidding or pleading?

Of course, to save face and a few bucks. If the comedian Mr X, is a moneymaking machine, its best to keep the machine in good condition, can't have bad publicity out there, like, you know, raping teenage boys during drug fueled sodomite sex parties.

No. The show must go on,

So who is Mr. X?

Please, if this was a Catholic Priest all you godless sodomy worshiping atheists would be naming names etc...No, but when its one of your own beloved sodomites you all cower in the corner demanding that no one name the sodomite comedian.

Here from Daily Mail is a bit more on Mr. X.

A gay celebrity who is alleged to have groomed a teenager before he killed himself has contacted the youth’s grieving family to ‘explain’ their relationship. But last night the parents of Ben Cowburn spoke of their dismay at the TV comedian’s use of high-profile libel lawyers Carter-Ruck to make the approach. The Cowburns have so far refused to respond, insisting the celebrity – known only as Mr X after a coroner controversially protected his identity – should first be questioned by the Metropolitan Police. They have sent a formal request to detectives asking that he be interviewed about Ben’s disclosure of homosexual rape and other sex assaults. Ben was 18 when he was found dead in his bedroom at a psychiatric unit in 2010 after telling medical staff he had been raped by the celebrity. ‘The letter from this man’s lawyer asks whether we would accept a letter giving his personal explanation,’ said Ben’s mother Sharon, 52. ‘It’s a sounding-out letter offered in a cautious manner. We would welcome an explanation and are considering this approach. But we are not used to dealing with media lawyers. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Mr. X?


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