Proof That James Foley Apostatized & Died As A Muslim: "Foley Was Trying To Forge Dialogue Between Christians And Muslims"

No Roman Catholic Martyr Here!
Just Another Dialoguing Bridge Builder

Since it is indeed an established fact that many Christians (including clerks and religious) have been converted to the sect of the Muslims, it does not seem implausible that even a pope might arrive at such a huge insanity. For since a pope is not confirmed in faith (just as no others are), the same point must be contended in his case as is in that of others as to the possibility of being converted to the Muslims. Having therefore presented the suggested exemplary case, proceed to argue in favour of the aforementioned assertion.- William Of Ockham
Pope Francis the Heretic on building bridges:

“The Christian who would bring the Gospel must go down this road: [must] listen to everyone! But now is a good time in the life of the Church: the last 50 or 60 years have been a good time - for I remember when as a child one would hear in Catholic families, in my family, ‘No, we cannot go to their house, because they are not married in the Church, eh!’. It was as an exclusion. No, you could not go! Neither could we go to [the houses of] socialists or atheists. Now, thank God, people do not says such things, right? [Such an attitude] was a defense of the faith, but it was one of walls: the LORD made bridges. First: Paul has this attitude, because it was the attitude of Jesus. Second, Paul is aware that he must evangelize, not proselytize. Pope Francis The Destroyer!

“the Church does not grow by means of proselytizing," but “by attraction, by witnessing, by preaching,” and Paul had this attitude: proclamation does not make proselytization – and he succeeds, because, “he did not doubt his Lord.” The Pope warned that, “Christians who are afraid to build bridges and prefer to build walls are Christians who are not sure of their faith, not sure of Jesus Christ.” The Pope exhorted Christians to do as Paul did and begin to “build bridges and to move forward” Pope Francis The Destroyer!

Now it is reported that James Foley who went so easily to his death not uttering any final words a true Roman Catholic Martyr would utter - not even a simple Jesus Mary Joseph!

Instead this is what Foley had to say just before he was sent to be Judged by Jesus Christ Crucified:

#JamesFoley last word before his death

#AmessagefromISIStoUS -our blood has the same price. You kill us, we kill you

No Roman Catholic who believed in the Catholic faith and was about to be put to death would say such nonsense!

Now, we know why Foley chose to say those foolish last words.

Because, Foley was a bridge builder!

Irish Times reports this from a former fellow hostage, the French journalist Nicolas Hénin:

“James got hold of a Koran in English and he was fascinated by it. There were times he read it without interruption.” French journalist Nicolas Hénin.

“He said that when he was free, he would apply to the Committee to Protect Journalists, or commit himself to the dialogue between civilisations,” French journalist Nicolas Hénin.

“He was exasperated by widespread Islamophobia, and he wanted to build bridges between the Christian and Muslim worlds.” French journalist Nicolas Hénin.

So much for bridge building.......


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