You Can Drink Your Starbucks Coffee Without Any Guilt - No More Boycotting Starbucks Over Traditional Marriage!!! One Reason To Bring Back The Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor!

Apparently the Jew who owns Starbucks has frighten off some Catholic souls with his Jew words of "we here at Starbucks don't want your business if you're for traditional marriage etc...."

My first question to those Catholic souls who boycott Starbucks over Traditional Marriage is WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU BUYING COFFEE FROM A JEW IN THE FIRST PLACE??? WHY????

Shouldn't you devote Catholics have boycotted Starbucks because its owned and operated by a JEW?

Shouldn't that have been your first and only reason for boycotting a Jew establishment? because its run by a Jew? Have you no shame?

But because a Jew has a typical Jew opinion you get your dander up!

What the hell did you expect from a Jew? A non-Jew opinion? Are you an idiot?

You should have already known that the Jew coffee huckster was gonna take your money so he can mouth off in Jew fashion! Because that's what Jews do! Take your money, and mouth off in Jew fashion!

Your first mistake was entering into a Jew establishment run by a Jew.

Now when the Jew mouths off in Jew fashion you get upset!! What the hell is wrong with you?

Who's more of the Jew? You - who boycott a Jew, because the Jew mouths off like a Jew? Or the Jew himself, who, as expected, mouths off like a Jew??

You both act like Jews!

Only a Jew would boycott Starbucks because the Jew owner says something Jew ears don't like!!!

The height of Jew folly! and you're in the midst of it! YOU JEEEEEEEEW!

Here, you have a chance to enjoy very good coffee, but you put it all aside - not for penance, mind you - but because some Jew has a Jew opinion.

Please take note of the obvious - it really doesn't matter what the Jew coffee shop owner's opinion on marriage is - because the Jew owner of Starbucks is not a Lawmaker! The Jew is not sitting on the Court bench! He just a Jew who sells very good coffee! He's not making and passing immoral laws!

If the Jew coffee vendor runs for lawmaker, then you can get in a thither, but until then, the Jew's anti-traditional marrriage opinion means absolutely nothing.
So please, if you are upset about the bad laws passed in this wonderful land of modern democracy, then take it up with the democratically elected lawmakers! You know - the ones YOU PUT INTO OFFICE WITH YOUR SILLY STUPID AND ASININE VOTES!!! REMEMBER!!! It's not the Jews who sell coffee that are to blame for the bad laws passed in this land! IT'S THE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED LAWMAKERS WHO WRITE AND PASS AND ENFORCE THE BAD LAWS THEY CREATE!!!! Leave the poor Jews alone!

Now here's some political wisdom that's lost on the lot of you Catholic souls who think and act like JEWS ----- if the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor ruled the world today - you could complain to the Emperor about the Jew coffee shop owner who has an anti-traditional marriage JEW opinion and maybe get the Emperor to tell the Jew to shut the hell up!

But then again, if the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor ruled the world today THERE WOULD BE NO ATTACKS ON TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE!!! GOT IT?


Bring back Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor so I can enjoy my Starbucks!

This message brought you by a blogger who's allllllllllll jacked up on Starbucks dark roast coffeeeeeeeeeeee----- a 20 ouncer at that! I'm flying high baby!


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