To Whom Do We Appeal Now?....The Holy Roman Emperor...Wait...He Caught The Last Train For The Coast

When the throne of Augustus is vacant, the whole world goes out of course, the helmsman and rowers slumber in the ship of Peter, and unhappy Italy, forsaken and abandoned to private control, and bereft of all public guidance, is tossed with such buffeting of winds and waves as no words can describe, nay as even the Italians in their woe can scarce measure with their tears.  Dante Aligheri Epistole VI 

Now that the seat of Augustus is vacant and the helmsman and rowers slumber in the Ship of Peter the whole world has gone out of course.....

Do any of you get it?

The wicked churchmen got rid of Rome's second Sun. There are two to rule the world - the one in spiritual matters (POPE) the other to rule in Temporal matters (HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR). With absence of the Roman Emperor the Pope is in charge and now that Pope Francis is completely corrupt and given himself over to hell many are asking who to turn to? Not the Emperor...that's for sure!

To Whom Do We Appeal Now?  

Since it now appears that there is no avenue of appeal to the Holy See (Apostolic Signatura) for those of us who are attached firmly to Tradition, my question is: To whom do we appeal now that it appears fruitless to do so? My family is split; some go to the newchurch, some to the Traditional Chapel with us and, sadly, some who do not even attend church. We trads have no desire to do battle publicly with those who are in power in the Church today; we simply want to be left alone to practice our Faith as we have been taught before the novelties imposed following the Second Vatican Council. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do this without being told that we are disobedient and outside Church or “not in full communion.” Is this what Our Lord intended? Poster on Angelqueen (now defunct) 

Indeed! who are you gonna appeal to?

1. The President of the United States?
2. United Nations?
3. Putin?
4. European Union?
5. Some Royal Rat Bastard?

This is not what God intended. Many of you are slow dimwitted fools who will continue to vote in election after election hoping that some lily white protestant presidential candidate will save you..he will good luck to you all in figuring it all out in who you should turn to, in making your much needed appeal against wicked Pope Francis.


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