POPE FRANCIS DISAPPEARED 150 HOMELESS! 300 Homeless Were Forced To Hand Out 50,000 Gospels (166.66666666 Each) In St. Peter's Square! But Only 150 Homeless Were Invited To Special Tour Of The Sistine Chapel In The Vatican Museums!!!

Det. Thorn: You don't understand. I've got proof. They need proof, I've seen it. I've seen it happening. They've gotta tell people.
Hatcher: Tell them what?
Det. Thorn: The ocean's dying. Plankton's dying. It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They're making our food out of people. Next thing, they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them!
Hatcher: I promise. Tiger. I promise. I'll tell the Exchange.
Det. Thorn: You tell everybody. Listen to me. Hatcher. You've gotta tell 'em! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE! We gotta stop them! Somehow! Listen! Listen to me… PLEASE!!!

First the story on the 300 penniless and homeless souls who where forced by Pope Francis to hand out 50,000 copies of the Gospel in St. Peter's square to the tourists - with NO PAY. The Pope yells out his marching orders from on high at the unfortunate beggars sitting down below in St.Peter's
Take It And Hand It Out!
And commenting on the fact that 50 thousand copies of the Gospel were being distributed in the Square by 300 homeless people, the Pope said “this is a beautiful gesture” that Jesus approves: “those who are most needy are the ones who are giving us the Word of God”. Vatican Radio Read More>>>>
OK its established that 300 poor souls were employed by the Pope to hand out 50,000 copies of the Gospel to the tourists.
None of them got paid.

For those interested 50000 copies divided by 300 poor souls is 166.66666666 each!!!! I'm sure there's no significance there!

Now a few days later the penny pinching Pope announces that instead of paying the 300 homeless he will instead treat them to a special tour of the Sistine Chapel.
But there is one problem:
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis made a surprise visit to greet 150 homeless people who were given a special tour of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museums Thursday by the papal charitable office.

It was an affectionate and emotional encounter. 
The Pope crossed the threshold of the Sistine Chapel to the disbelief of his guests, saying this visit and meeting are “a small caress - because this is the home of all; it is your home. The doors are always open for everyone. " 
The Pope thanked Mgr. Konrad Krajewski, head of the Elemosineria, the Apostolic charity office, for arranging the visit and told his guests, "I need the prayers of people like you." 
He left them with the blessing: "May the Lord keep you, help you on the journey of life - and make you feel His tender, fatherly love." 
“E’ scoppiata una bombola…” 
Carla, one of the homeless women present, described how a propane gas tank exploded, killing all of her family three years ago. Since the accident, she has been living on and off the street. She said she was taken in by religious at a Franciscan convent outside Rome and with their help has been able to overcome much of her pain and suffering. 
The homeless guests were later offered dinner in the Vatican Museums’ cafeteria.
Only 150 of the original 300 were invited!

What happened to the other 150?

I surmise that Pope Francis ate them for his food!


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