Michael Voris Using Sermons Of Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP To Falsely Accuse The SSPX Of Schism!! Will FSSP Apologize To The SSPX?

The FSSP runs the Mater Dei Latin Mass Parish in Irving, Texas  This parish is the where all of Voris' attacks on the SSPX originate. The executive producer of Church Militant Terry Carroll attends Mass at this FSSP chapel

Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP has a hatred for the SSPX and he feeds his hatred to Michael Voris in the form of sermons.

The Vortex that uses the Sermon of a FSSP priest to attack the SSPX:


At first some said that Voris plagiarized portions of this Vortex - but later a notification was sent out stating:
Portions of this script were taken with permission from this sermon.
The  plagiarizing is not the issues. The issue is the source of the material used by Michael Voris in attacking the SSPX. And that source is Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP.

So the FSSP is attacking the SSPX.

This attack by the FSSP is uncalled for.

May the FSSP be punished in the days to come leading up to the Synod.


  1. I have listened to some of these sermons that reference the sspx and am interested to know what attacks you refer to...father Wolfe speaks in facts and certainly does not 'attack'. Sadly these days, truth is seen as an insult.

    1. Many people accept everything that is said against the Society of St. Pius X, as fact without knowing anything about it. The FSSP is a cop-out. They only exist because some disaffected priests wanted to compromise their Faith against the wishes of Archibishop Lefebvre.


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