Silly Catholic Chicks Barnhardt & White Say "Pope Is Not God. He Cannot, Therefore, Introduce Any New Teaching!"....Oh...But The Pope Can Depose The Holy Roman Emperor And Take Away His Empire From Him!!!! LOL!!!!

Pope Francis, the ‘Doctors of the Law’ and Jesus Christ

Whatever Francis says or does during and after this Synod, the Pope is not God. Please allow me to say it again: The pope is not God. He cannot, therefore, introduce any new teaching. Jesus Christ and His Teachings cannot be improved upon. Either the Church gathers with Jesus Christ as its Lord and with those who bravely re-iterate His teachings, or it is shattered and scattered into anarchy and chaos. Read More>>>>>

IN SONG: The twisted fantasy that you all have about the power of the Pope over the Holy Roman Emperor:

"Your ass belongs to me now......I'm gonna make you....I'm gonna break you...."
- Any deluded Pope to The Divinely Ordained Holy Roman Emperor
I guess Pope Benedict is teaching you a lesson on what Power the Pope has or doesn't have...... LOL!!

More lessons to come until the lot of you wake up!


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