On Line Begging Catholic Bloggers Are Like Cattle: Grizzly Versus Cow...


The Communion Antiphon for Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost:

COMMUNION ANTIPHON Ps. 103:13, 14-15 The earth is filled with the fruit of Your works, O Lord, that You may bring forth food from the earth and wine to cheer the heart of man, oil to make his face gleam, and bread to sustain his strength. The Church leaves out this of today's Communion Antiphon:
Bringing forth grass for cattle, and herb for the service of men.

Cassiodoris on Ps103:14:
That thou mayst bring bread out of the earth: He refines on his earlier words, making the earth which is soaked with heavenly rain bring forth grass for cattle, in other words, provide alms for those who seek them in sundry places. of them is is said; Give to everyone that asks you. They are called cattle because their belly's gluttony makes them shameless, and like cattle they wantonly voice their need; as long as they are hungry they are wholly unable to restrain their cries. Herbs for the service of men means that necessities should be given to the person of whom it is written; Let alms sweat in your hand until you find the just man on whom to bestow them. The persons called men here are those who abound in reason and who cloak their need by strength of endurance; so two types of needy person are described by such allusions. Many Catholic Bloggers are beggars, the most successful are beggars.

But what kind of beggars or what kind of needy person?

1. shameless gluttons

2. men here are those who abound in reason and who cloak their need by strength of endurance

Yea..most of them fall into the first category.

Who are these on-line shameless gluttonous beggars?

Sodomite Gary Michael Voris is at the top of the list: This COW is a Sodomite and he hid it from everyone, until recently. No need to go into details. Voris makes you pay for his on-line content. Is this begging? Yes in  a twisted way. Please by all means name one Saint who by his teaching others the one true faith charged them money for his lessons? Any? Any? Was there ever any Saint in the whole history of the Church where payment was required first before being taught for faith? Any? Pay me to convert you? No. Its never happened - until now. You wanna learn the faith from Voris? Pay him first.

The next COW on the list is Steve Skojec of One Peter Five. This COW is ex-legion of Christ. Are Skojec's ties to the Legion completely broken? Or does this COW have family and friends in the Legion? Skojec's folly is making Pope Benedict publicly deny the lie that Fr. Dollinger told about a hidden Fatima secret. Steve prides himself on that one.

The next COW is a financial genius Ann Barnhardt. This COW claims Pope Francis is not the Pope. This COW puts a gun in the hand of the Blessed Mother and every martyr and then claims that she has a right to stockpile weapons because there are statues of Saints holding the weapon that was the instrument of their  martyrdom. LOL!

There are other Catholic Blogging COWS out there as well.

If you're needy and you blog please don't follow these COWS, instead be the men who abound in reason and who cloak their need by strength of endurance.

COW = On Line Begging Catholic Bloggers
GRIZZLY = What's In Store....


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