MUSLIM Vehicle-Ramming Attack Injuring Teenage Girl Birmingham, England

One of England's Muslim Immigrants behind the wheel:
A teenage girl was seriously injured when she was mown down while walking along a pavement in Birmingham. The 17-year-old was chatting with her mother along Bromsgrove Street after a shopping trip on January 28 when a car flung her to the ground before driving off. CCTV footage shows a dark BMW car emerge from a side street before wildly overturning, mounting the pavement and running the girl down. As her mother runs to help her the driver speeds off without stopping. The teenager was taken to hospital in a serious condition, where she is still recovering from her injuries. West Midlands Police want to trace the BMW 5 series car involved in the hit-and-run and are appealing for anyone with information to call police on 101. Pc Mark Nicholson said: "A teenager suffered serious neck and head injuries and is still in shock from what happened. "I would urge anyone with information to call us and I want to appeal directly to the driver to do the right thing and come forward." Telegraph>>>>>>>


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