Rad Trad Jihadi Terrorists? Planning Assault On World Meeting Of Families In Dublin...Oil Your Guns For Dublin! What?

If the Rad Trad laity can not change anything for the better within proper Church channels - other measure will be taken by a few gun nuts.

Some Rad Trads are now hinting at the violence to come if things don't change.

The above pic was posted by an old man by the name of Mundabor - the title for his post is:

Here are some of his threats:
  • I encourage every blogger and every commenter on whatever site or blog to sharpen the tone and call this pope and his minion what they are: atheist, perverted, heretical, Christ-hating scum that must be ridiculed and insulted in every way by the militant laity until other events – outside of our control – get us rid of this unspeakable filth.
  • one day you will die; how will the saying that in front of the greatest onslaught on truth in two thousand years of history you did not want to appear impolite make you look?
  • What the heart feels the mouth must cry. If the mouth remains oh so polite, is the heart really wounded?
  • Start the offensive now.
  • Do not eschew the confrontation, embrace it.
  • Be a Crusader, raise your voice if needs be, lose friends if needs be!
  • You will have enough friends in paradise. 
Doesn't Mundabor sound like a Muslim Jihadi Terrorist?


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