Blood Libel Blood Leibel.....Aspiring Jewish Screenwriter Blake Leibel Murders Girlfriend & Drains Body Of All Blood To Use In Ritual!

It's in their blood.....

Graphic Novelist Found Guilty of the Grisly Murder of Fiancée Who Slowly Died Next to Their Baby

The son of a Canadian millionaire was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday after he tortured his fiancée to death just weeks after she had given birth to their daughter. Blake Leibel, 37, was found guilty of multiple felonies including mayhem and torture in the death of Iana Kasian in May 2016, according to the Associated Press. Kasian, 30, had welcomed their daughter, Diana, just three weeks earlier. The budding filmmaker and graphic artist is the son of Lorne Leibel, one of Canada’s wealthiest real estate developers and a one-time Olympic sailor, and Eleanor Leibel, a plastics heiress who died in 2011. Leibel was reportedly living on an $18,000 a month allowance. The trust funder was perhaps best known for his graphic novel Syndrome — published in 2010 — in which a scientist experiments on a serial killer in order to find a cure for evil. The killer murdered a man by slitting his throat and hanging him by his ankles so he bled out. Source


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