Trump Worshiped As A God In India

Indian man worships US President Donald Trump as a God

Donald Trump is beloved by his diehard fans in the United States, but one man has taken his devotion to the president to a strange new place - and he lives 13,000km away on a different continent. Indian man Bussa Krishna has spent the past three years worshipping Trump as a God, carrying around a picture of the president and praying to him several times a day. Hailing from Telengana near the capital of Hyderbad, the 31-year-old's admiration for Trump began around the time he kicked off his "Make America Great Again" campaign Krishna has started a Facebook page to share his love of Trump with the world, regularly posting pictures and videos of himself worshiping at a shrine to the president. Krishna said people in his village called him mad and suggested he visit a psychologist. "I told them 'I don't require any, maybe you should go, because he is my God and I am not bothered about stuff others say'," he said. Source


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