Proof That Sacrilegious Communion Is Punished: Let The Horrible & Bad Deaths Begin In Paderborn Germany Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker Allows For Inter-Communion.....

Of course none of you believe that Sacrilegious Communion Is Punished....

So I will keep track of the bizarre and unholy deaths that occur in the Paderborn diocese.

Official Apostasy: First German Diocese Introduces Protestant Communion 

Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker is the first German bishop to officially introduce [heretical] intercommunion, that de facto was practiced for decades in Germany. According to the Westfalenblatt (June 30), Becker told his priests that he expects them to act according to a heretical text which recently was published by the German bishops. In “individual cases” [meaning: in all cases] the priests should [meaning: are obliged to] give Communion to Protestants, Becker told Westfalenblatt. This means that the German apostasy from the Church is now officially accomplished. Source

This is interesting: the Patron Saint of Paderborn is Saint Liborius

He is a friend of St Martin

Saint Liborius died in the arms of St Martin

Saint Liborius is the patron Saint of a GOOD and HOLY DEATH.

A Good and Holy Death is the exact opposite of what those wicked souls will experience who unworthily receive the Body of Christ in the  Paderborn diocese.

Important dates to watch:

JULY 4TH the Feast day St Martin (Major Feast Day is November 11th)

JULY 23rd the Feast Day of St. Liborius


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