UPDATE UK Chastisements After Passing 2014 UK Gay Marriage Law? EARTHQUAKE HITS ENGLAND: 3.0 MAG SHAKES HOMES... Third Tremor In 2 Weeks...

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UPDATE UK Chastisements After Passing 2014 UK Gay Marriage Law? Two Earthquakes In Two Weeks & The Beast From The East.... February 28, 2018 

UPDATE UK Chastisements? Huffington Post Mocks God's Ability To Chastise Mankind For UK's Law Allowing Sodomites To Marry! 23 February 2018

This post was in response to the mockers of God at the Pro-Sodomite Huffington Post who made the observation that England did not sink into the sea after the UK passed homo-marriage laws in March 2014:

Gay Marriage Arrives In Britain – No Flooding Or Winged Horsemen Of Death, So Far  

Well I pointed out the fact that 40 souls have been murdered by MUSLIMS since the 2014 Pro-Sodomy Law was Passed and over 180 have been injured in the 4 MUSLIM terror attacks - all of which took place in 2017.

Those MUSLIMS terror attacks are what some pious souls call the Sword of vengeance of God.

There are other types of God's vengeance - and that would be natural disasters. Maybe 2018 is the year when God will manifest his vengeance in the form of natural disasters.

Three earthquakes have hit the UK in the last two weeks:

EARTHQUAKE HITS ENGLAND: 3.0 MAG SHAKES HOMES...   Third tremor in 2 weeks... 

An earthquake has struck in the south east of England - the third in the area in less than two weeks.  The earth moved in the Crawley area but there are also reports across Surrey and Sussex.   Residents have said buildings and the ground were shaking for "just a few seconds" following a "tremor".  James Hammond, of Bewbush, felt the earth rattle and his flat rumble.  He said: “This was around 11.50am, our flat shook. It wasn’t major but you can clearly feel the place shake and everything on the tables were as well.”  Passengers at Gatwick reported the ground moving underneath them during the UK's seventh quake in three months.  However Sarah Nice from the British Geological Survey (BGS) said Gatwick Airport staff probably would not have realised it had happened.  Ashley Pike, an interior designer based in the village of Ockley, said: "We had prints falling off the shelves in our office.  "Definitely a mini earthquake, we are now training our staff in what to do for the next".  Tommy Aldis, from Crawley, tweeted: "It's not an earthquake. It's just football coming home."  The BGS has confirmed there has been an earthquake of magnitude 3.0 and it hit atroughly 11.53am today with a 'depth' of 5km.  Source


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