MEDITATION ON THE PASSION: And He Was Withdrawn Away From Them A Stone' s Cast

Agony in the Garden
c. 1510

And he was withdrawn away from them a stone' s cast Lk.xxii.

Consider first what every one must do in his troubles, to wit, he must stay, that is, expect patiently, and he must watch, that is, he must be careful that no evil happen unto him; for to an unquiet & troubled man many vicious and evil things are suggested.

Consider secondly how unwillingly Christ left his disciples.  For this word (drawn away) discribeth a violent pulling, and going, he went not far, but (as far as the cast of a stone) like as mothers are wont to go a little way from their young children, when they teach them to go, so as they may catch them again, when they are ready to fall.

All these things declare the love of Christ, and his grievous inward sorrows, by which he was moved to pray unto his Father, that he might have some comfort from him.

Be thou moved with the sorrows of Christ thy Lord, who was forsaken of all men, and because he loveth nothing better then to be with thee, apply all thy endeavours, that he may always remain with thee.

Fr. Francis Costerus S.J. 1616


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