Thousand Rabbis Gathered Together In Brooklyn Will Not Stop The Next Mass Shooting...

Only the Visible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is able to restore peace between Men:

Two things, have always been much recommended by God, and highly esteemed by men of all sect, and sorts, who firmly believed that there was a God who extended his providence over mankind; first the honor of God, and peace with him; and secondly unity, peace and society amongst themselves. And these two, have always been, chiefly maintained amongst men, by a particular, visible Sacrifice, first offered unto Go upon an Altar, as a scared sign of the invisible Sacrifice of their hearts unto him; and after eaten, or communicated amongst themselves. By offering visible Sacrifice upon an Altar unto God, they solemnly protected the sacrifice of their hearts unto him, publicly adored him with the honor of Latria, or divine worship, which is due only unto him; and visibly made profession of peace, unity, and society with him, and amongst themselves: and by eating of the same Sacrifice, which had been offered unto God, they ratified and established the same peace, and unity, as partakers of that meat, with they had offered unto God for a sacred sign of common union, as generally manifest by experience, in all sects, and sorts of people, of former ages, who firmly believed, there was a God, and that his Providence was not wanting in the government of mankind. Anonymus Eremita 1637

1000 Rabbis will not bring about peace.

Where is Jewish Sacrifice?

Destroyed by the Romans 2000 years ago....

Thousands of rabbis gathered in Brooklyn for an international conference on Sunday and paid respects to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims. About 5,600 rabbis from around the world were in New York for the international conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries, an annual event dedicated to reviving Jewish practices across the globe. Pittsburgh Rabbi Yisroel Altein said he received a flood of support from fellow rabbis during the conference which concluded with a group photo outside the Chabad headquarters. He said: 'The outpouring of love from the Pittsburgh community at large and people reaching out from all over the world, including e-mail from Israel, are one thing, but to be standing here with all these people and receive an actual hug? It felt a lot deeper. It's been an emotional week.' The conference came after the worst attack ever against US Jews was carried out on October 27. Suspect Robert Bowers, yelling 'All Jews must die', stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue killing 11 worshippers and wounding six other people including four police officers before he was arrested. Source


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