Meditation On The Nativity Of Our Savior Christ: Of The Circumcision Of Our Savior, On The Eighth Day. POINT I ~ Luis de la Puente



Of the Circumcision of our Savior, on the eighth day.


1. First, is to be considered how on the eight day after the nativity, the blessed Virgin, and St. Joseph determined to circumcised the child in accomplishment of the law, which imposed upon the parents a precept thereof: upon which I am to ponder. First, the obedience of the Virgin, and of St. Joseph, which was very punctual, and prompt to accomplish this precept, though they knew that the execution thereof would be very dolours, and painful to the child, whom they so much loved: yet the will of almighty God was to be preferred before all: which the blessed Virgin esteemed so much, that if needed had been, she herself like another Sephora, would have taken the knife, and would have circumcised the child: some say that she herself did circumcised him: some others that St. Joseph did it: but howsoever, certain it is, they were prepared to put in execution, whatsoever they should esteem to be most agreeable to the will of almighty God.

2. Secondly I will ponder the charity, and devotion of the blessed Virgin, who doubtless would be present at this spectacle: both to cherish her Son, and to cure him of his wound, being one whom she so much loved: as also to gather up the most precious blood that he there shed, & to keep that little piece of flesh that was cut off: for she knew it to be the blood of almighty God, and to be of infinite value. O with what devotion did she kiss it with her mouth, and keep it in her breast! O what acts of love used she with that precious blood! and how did she beseech the eternal Father, that in respect of it he would vouchsafe to pardon the world, beseeching him, if it were possible, he would content himself with this alone, it being so infinitely worth! She likewise directed her speeches to the holy Ghost, whose spouse she was; saying unto him as Sephora said to Moses, being in an inn with her Son.


O most holy Ghost. though thou art to me a spouse of blood, desiring that the blood of my Son should be shed, bathing therewith his sacred feet, yet for all this, I will not leave thee, as Sephroa left Moses, for I esteem more thy sill, then mine own, though it were needful to shed mine own blood to fulfill the same.

3. On the other side the blessed Virgin was transpierced with compassion, and dolor for the suffering of her Son, She wept with him to see him weep, and for the cause for which he wept, saying: O original sin, how dear doest thou cost my Son! O sin of the terrestrial Adam, how bitter art thou to this celestial Adam!


O most Blessed Virgin, that I might accompany thee in this lamentation, bewailing my sins, to obtain the remedy of them, by the virtue of the precious blood of thy Son.

 ~ Luis de la Puente 


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