Divine Providence Paving The Way For A Roman Catholic Enclave In McMurdo Dry Valleys Using Nancy Pelosi & Democrats.....

All of the Democratic Nation States that exist today will be DESTROYED by the Restoration of the Holy Roman Emperor.

His Laws will rule supreme and there will be NO democratic government to survive the Hand of Divine Providence during the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor.

So it will be easier to inhabit the Antarctic and Arctic.

Why is this necessary?

To prepare future Catholic generations to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Secure Peace.

The best place is a hidden place inaccessible to the Antichrist and his troops (at least for a time)

Here are Democrats doing the Will of Divine Providence :

Church Fathers say that at the End Of Days - the Antichrist and his troops will fly from land to land in search of those remaining Roman Catholics who hear the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Other Holy Priests from the 1500's claim that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be abolished at the End of Days by the Antichrist. On the day that this horrible and wicked event takes place - the world will die and the fire of the final conflagration will arise from the pit of Hell to cleanse the World of ALL of the works of men during the General Judgement.

Where will the last Holy Sacrifice of the Mass take place?

In the McMurdo Dry Valleys..

This is why I have been posting McMurdo Dry Valleys..for future reference.


  1. You live your sad life by POLITICAL TAGS, start living by MORALS AND ETHICS. YOU are no better than anybody you hate, YOU are blinded by your OWN HATE for someone.

  2. Replies
    1. You don't have to follow 'religion' to have morals and ethics. Catholic 'morals'? You mean like the catholic priests that molest children have?
      Why does the popes headquarters look like a snake head, why does the inside look like snake eyes and fangs? Honest question.

    2. WHAT? Follow what is right, respect your fellow human as you would want to be yourself. I'm nobody, but I know right from wrong, which DOESN'T need religion, or the belief of invisible whatever controlling your actions. It's an excuse to put YOUR failings as a human on something else, and not better your self, because it's the fault of whatever, not YOU.
      Why will you not answer the question about the popes headquarters? Ive answered yours..

    3. so no one has to listen to what you say?

    4. Excuse me for wasting your time.I think I know WHY you won't answer the question of the popes headquarters.

    5. I have no idea what you're talking about.

      This is not a mind reading blog.

      You must type out what you think so I can read it...


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