Convert Ann (Hater of The Catholic Church) Barnhardt Wants To Burn Notre Dame To The Ground! And Then Salt The Earth Where It Once Stood!

Luther's Daughter

Ann Barnhardt is a hater of the Catholic Faith - please don't let the appearance of orthodoxy fool you

Here is her latest threat to a Catholic Institution:

"Notre Dame – which should be closed, scraped and the earth salted where it stood" Ann Barnhardt

Let me guess - the salt with which Ann is to Salt the ground where Norte Dame once stood is BLESSED by Ann herself!


Ann will one day find herself on top a steep Mountain lying in wait to murder the Fatima Pope and faithful

According to Ann - she will be the manly she-man on top the Mountain.

According to Ann the Fatima Pope will be the "Faggot" and the Faithful will be the "effeminate"

This is what Ann wants to destroy:

University of Notre Dame

Established November 26, 1842

Founder Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC (Congregation of Holy Cross)

Maybe Ann can start her destruction by burning down the Lag Chapel!

Maybe Convert Ann can desecrate the crypt of fellow Convert Orestes Augustus Brownson, Sr (1803-1876)


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