How Long Before The BLESSED TRINITY Punishes ENGLAND For Invocating The Name Of A FALSE GOD During The Candle Light Vigil In Trafalgar Square To Pay Tribute To Victims Of Westminster Terror Attack

How many days in MARCH 2019 before there is a need to pray the JESUS PSALTER for all those coming NATURAL AND MAN-MADE DISASTERS AND MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS IN THE UK...........

If you feel the need to make reparation when disaster strikes please Pray the JESUS PSALTER found here

Thousands of defiant Londoners gather in Trafalgar Square for a candlelit vigil to remember the victims of Westminster terror attack 

London was plunged into eerie silence tonight as thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square for a candlelit vigil to remember yesterday's terror attack victims.  In a moving tribute to the policeman and three members of the public slain by 'lone wolf' terrorist Khalid Masood, locals and tourists stood shoulder to shoulder and held up their flames which flickered in the cold evening breeze.  It was a rare moment of quiet reflection for the thousands of busy Londoners who came straight to the square from work. One captured the mood with the words: 'So many people but so peaceful.'  Source

Call this a new post - call it a reminder - I will make a post weekly if necessary......


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