ASK FATHER Z: I Train Monkeys To Steal Money For Low Budget Black Ops....Is This A Sin?

ASK FATHER Z: I Train Monkeys To Steal Money For Low Budget Black Ops....Is This A Sin?

From a reader…


My Case officer and I recently returned from Northern India and we both wonder if what we just did and what took place up there near the Pakistani Border was legit?

During one of my imaginative episodes I got the idea to train a monkey to go out and get me some beers down at the local store somewhere in Punjab - it was such a success that I hired other monkeys to cook clean sew and do other chores for me.

My drunken Case officer came stumbling home one night and was very impressed and told me that from now on - this is how we would raise funds for all our Black Ops. - Monkeys stealing cash.....

So the below video is just one 'collection event for the cause'

So is training monkeys to steal Cash for Black Ops a sin? Or should we just have Politicians steal the Cash from the Taxpayer and divert the funds to the 'cause'......

FR Z response: Congratulations for wanting to adhere to the traditional practices. Kudos.


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