1. Consider how our Saviour standing on mount Olivet, after that he had taken leave of his Mother, Apostles, disciples, and other there present, he gave unto them all his holy blessing, and afterward ascended glorious into heaven, accompanied with many squadrons of Angels, and holy Fathers which he had delivered out of Limbo.

2. How coming to heaven he was there received by God the Father, and all the celestial Court with great triumph and joy, as Conqueror of death, Hell, and the world.

3. How the Disciples having lost the sight of their Lord and master, did all do reverence to his glorious mother taking her for their mistress and guide.

Let us learn of our Lord

1. The way to mount up to heaven, which is to humble ourselves, and to withdraw all our affections from earthly things.

2. That to deserve triumph we must first overcome our passions.

3. That if we desire to have our Blessed Lady for our guide and mistress we must imitate her virtues.

 Fr. Vincenzo Bruno 1614


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