Venezuela Blames 'Electromagnetic Attack' For Blackout...

Venezuelan government blames 'electromagnetic attack' for nationwide blackout

(CNN)Large swathes of Venezuela remained without power on Tuesday, the day after the country suffered its fourth nationwide blackout this year. The blackout, which officials blamed on a hostile "electromagnetic attack," affected almost the entire country, including the capital Caracas. About 94% of Venezuela's telecommunications infrastructure was hit by the outage, and internet connectivity was only running at 10% nationwide, according to Netblocks, a non-profit organization dedicated to tracking outages. As of Tuesday morning, power had been restored to Caracas, the government said in a statement. The states of Mérida, Trujillo, Barinas and Aragua had seen a partial return of power, according to the statement, while the recovery was still in early stages elsewhere in the country. The government suspended all work and educational activities on Tuesday, while the Metro of Caracas was also closed. Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela's Communications Minister, said citizens were recommended to stay in their homes where possible. The exact cause of the outage was unclear, but as with previous blackouts, officials pointed the finger at hostile attackers. Source


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