Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association BANS Children And Breast Feeding Women From All Religious Worship!

Yeah...its called the Mass of the Catechumens....

A war on children rages in China.

While the youth of Hong Kong march for freedom and democracy, the Communist Party of China (CPC) subjects China’s youth to a brutal campaign of oppression and tyranny, barring Chinese youth from any and all religious practice and venues. Communist Party chairman Xi Jinping and his CPC thugs are waging a brutal campaign of religious persecution and subjugation, robbing Chinese children of their constitutional and human right to religious freedom. Source

About time to BAN all those screaming crying yelling running around Cheerios munching brats and their breast feeding mothers from the Latin mass...

Here's the rotten fruit of letting the brats run amok during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Again to you clueless Parents - keep your damn kids at home - so the adults can peacefully focus on the Holy Sacrifice of the MASS....


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