UPDATE: POPE FRANCIS FLY OVER DOOM FOR EGYPT: Egyptian Nuclear Scientist Abu Bakr Abdel Moneim Ramadan DIES After Drinking ORANGE JUICE.....

"Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that when Peter came, his shadow at the least, might overshadow any of them, and they might be delivered from their infirmities." Acts of Apostles 5:15

Sends the Telegram of DOOM to the President of the Arab Republic Of Egypt:

and the next day this happens....


How did nuclear scientist Abu Bakr Ramadan die in Morocco 

CAIRO – 7 September 2019: A cloud of mystery has been shadowing the death of Egyptian nuclear scientist Abu Bakr Abdel Moneim Ramadan who announced dead after attending an energy conference in Marrakech, Morocco.   Ramadan was head of the National Radiation Observatory Network at the Egyptian Nuclear and Radio-logical Regulatory Authority.   In remarks to Egypt Today, Egyptian Ambassador to Morocco Ashraf Ibrahim said Ramadan felt sick during the conference and went to his room.  Shortly after arriving to his room in a hotel in the tourist area of Agdal, Ramadan felt a severe health disorder and called room service to ask for medical assistance, however, he died upon arriving to a private clinic.   The public prosecutor in the Moroccan city of Marrakech ordered the autopsy of the body to know the real reasons leading to his death.  Preliminary reports say Ramadan died of a heart stroke, while final results of the autopsy will be revealed today.   The Egyptian ambassador to Morocco explained that the embassy is following up with the Moroccan authorities since the death of Ramadan and will pursue procedures to return his body home.   Source

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