ABUSIVE TECH CEO Tushar Atre Kidnapped And Murdered...

Until the body is identified....

Millionaire tech executive is kidnapped from his lavish California ocean-front home and a body is found hours later after desperate 911 call about a home invasion

A millionaire tech executive is feared dead after police found a dead body and the car he was kidnapped in. Tushar Atre, 50, was allegedly kidnapped from his ocean-front home at 3am yesterday morning. Someone inside the house then called police to alert them of a home invasion and kidnapping. It is reported that he left the scene in a BMW though police have not confirmed who he was taken by or his position in the car. Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office wrote on their Facebook page later on Tuesday: 'UPDATE: We have some unfortunate news, we have found the car associated with this case along with a deceased person. That person has not been identified. Our detectives are still working on this case.' Atre, who is the owner of a corporate website development company called Atrenet, reportedly got into the BMW SUV near his home on the 3000 block of Pleasure Point Drive. ABC7 reported that the SUV belonged to Atre's girlfriend though this was not confirmed by the police. The car was found around 14 miles away from his home later that day and police said they are not yet able to identify the body 'There is more than one suspect involved' and they are 'still actively investigating the motive of the kidnapping,' a Public Information Officer for the Sheriff's Office told People. Source


I worked at Atrenet full-time for more than a year


There is a pay check but it becomes apparent with the abuse received it isn't worth it.


The CEO Tushar Atre doesn't value anyone but himself. He once likened employees to break pads - you push on them as hard as you can and when you have used them, you replace them. I do not recommend this company as an employer or client. There is no respect for anyone. You may get a robust product or a paycheck but it comes with a hefty price because this CEO thinks he is the only person in this world that matters. He scream abuse at employees. He treats people in ways you would not think possible. Source


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