SAUDI COUP? Saudi Arabia's Ruling ELITE Begin To Turn On Mohammed bin Salman....MBS In Danger Of ASSASSINATION?

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MBS blows up his own Oil facility
MBS beheads and crucifies 134 of his citizens
MBS MURDERS Gen. Abdulaziz al-Faghem

Saudi Arabia's ruling family begin to turn on Mohammed bin Salman, as oil refinery strike sparks fears the crown prince cannot defend the kingdom 

Saudi Arabia's ruling family have begun to turn on Mohammed bin Salman after an oil refinery strike last month sparked fears the crown prince cannot defend his kingdom. Several prominent members of the ruling Al Saud dynasty, of around 10,000 members, have expressed concern for their country, which is the world's largest oil exporter, senior diplomatic sources with ties to the royals said. The September 14 strikes have also fanned discontent among some in elite circles who believe the crown prince has sought too tight a grip on power, the sources said. Some of these people said the event has also fuelled criticism among those who believe he has pursued an overly aggressive stance towards Iran. Source


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