DUCCIO di Buoninsegna 
Christ Before King Herod (scene 14) 

And the Chief Priests and the Scribes stood constantly accusing him; Herod despised him with his Army, and mocked him, clothing him in a white garment, and sent him back to Pilate.

Consider first, that Christ suffered 4 things in this King’s Palace. For 1. He was grievously & constantly accused by the Priests. Secondly he was despised and mocked by Herod. Thirdly he was evil entreated by the malepert soldiers, no less then by the Servants in the house of Caiaphas. Fourthly, he was clothed in a white or bright garment, in sign of an affected Kingdom, or of folly, as one that was able to say nothing before the King in his own defence.

Consider secondly that Herod was offended at the silence of Christ, less then the Priests, who pronounced him guilty of death, but more then Pilate, who by his silence admired the prudent gravity of our Lord. Thou mayst learn that by the same causes some fall more grievously then others & those most grievously, which are in highest estate and calling. Pilate was a lay Gentile; Herod a layman, but a Jew; Caiaphas, the high Priest of the Jews.

Consider thirdly, that Christ is a king, but such a one, as the world knoweth not, but doth accuse laugh at, and despise. By these irrisions our Lord deserved for himself to be exalted above all Kings, and for us, that we should be endued with true wisdom, be made immortal Kings in the Kingdom of Heaven, & be clothed with the white garments of immortality. Rejoice therefore, if thou dost suffer irrision and persecution with Christ for justice, because thine is the Kingdom of Heaven: And beware, least Christ be mocked by thee, if thou dost contemn the poor, and his Servants, & neglect his Sacraments, words, & Commandments. Lastly do thou accompany thy spouse of thy Soul, clothed in this scornful garment, in his journey to Pilate's house: mark what scoffing he heard; observe his eyes, & what countenance he showed; & pray unto him with thy whole heart, that thou maist be a fool unto the world, so thou be accounted wise unto Christ.

Fr. Coster


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