RAD TRAD HEADS EXPLODE! John Zmirak Claims Pope Benedict Is Held Against His Will

“What this shows me is that Pope Benedict is NOT a free agent, he is not able to do what he wants. I REALLY think the Italian police should remove him from the Vatican and make sure that he wants to still be there, because I don’t think he’s there of his own free will, and I wonder if he RESIGNED of his own free will, or if future historians are gonna find out that he was coerced or threatened or somehow cajoled into resigning, and if that happens then Pope Francis’ whole term in office will be regarded as an Antipope, and there will be an asterisk next to his name in history books. This kind of thing happened in the Middle Ages occasionally, happened in the Renaissance. There is a track record for evil men grabbing hold of the Office of the Pope….” Mark 25:12… 


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