Again, the evil practices of the last and worst form of democracy are all found in tyrannies. Such are the power given to women in their families in the hope that they will inform against their husbands, and the license which is allowed to slaves in order that they may betray their masters; for slaves and women do not conspire against tyrants; and they are of course friendly to tyrannies and also to democracies, since under them they have a good time. For the people too would fain be a monarch, and therefore by them, as well as by the tyrant, the flatterer is held in honor; in democracies he is the demagogue; and the tyrant also has those who associate with him in a humble spirit, which is a work of flattery. Aristotle Politics Bk 4 part xi

Aristotle on this trouble maker...

The firebrand behind Seattle's CHAZ: Councilwoman and socialist Kshama Sawant, 46, who is refusing to let cops into the six-block zone lives in an $800,000 home but has railed against gentrification of Seattle

A software engineer turned firebrand socialist has been named as the leader of a movement which has pushed police out of six-block area of central Seattle, known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). Indian-born Kshama Sawant, 46, who now serves on the Seattle City Council, is encouraging activists in the CHAZ 'to hold out on giving back the precinct to cops or allowing officers inside the barricaded region', according to Fox News. The CHAZ was established on June 8, after protesters took over Capitol Hill's East Precinct building, sending members of the Seattle Police Department fleeing. Sawant tweeted Friday: 'Our movement needs to urgently ensure East Precinct is not handed back to police, but is turned over permanently into community control. My office is bringing legislation to convert East Precinct into a community center for restorative justice.' She further stated: 'The movement has been undaunted in the face of horrific violence from Mayor Durkan's police. Congratulations, solidarity!' On Tuesday, Sawant used her position as a councilwoman to lead hundreds of protesters into City Hall, where she reportedly unlocked the building and let 300 people stage an hours-long takeover of the building. The group called upon Mayor Durkan to resign. Sawant is known for her militant and uncomprising style of politics, prompting one Seattle Times columnist to liken her to the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. 'She had has one answer to every question, and it is always some form of 'off with their heads'', the writer stated. Source

KSHAMA SAWANT death count: 2 as of 29 June 2020

off with their heads...


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