Remember Divine Providence Allowed The Muslims To Occupy The Hagia Sophia As Punishment To The Greeks For Denying Christ's Human Will And Rejecting The Authority Of The Holy Roman Pontiff

Well over 1400 years the Greeks:

1. Rejected the Supreme Authority of the Holy Roman Pontiff
2. Denied that Jesus Christ had a Human Will

Therefore Divine Providence Allowed the Muslim Horde to over run the Eastern Empire so the Greeks lost:

1. The Empire
2. Constantinople
3. Hagia Sophia  

So to mourn that the Hagia Sophia is now a mosque is to go against Divine Providence.

If you want the  Hagia Sophia back in the hands of the Greeks.

Then the Greeks must:

1. Acknowledge the Two Wills in Jesus Christ - both Human Will and Divine Will
2. Acknowledge the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Pontiff

Until these two conditions are fulfilled by the Greeks....



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