Fall 2020 Explosion! First Explosion Of Fall 2020 Ain Qana, Lebanon Hezbollah Arms Depot Explosion

Autumn 2020 in Northern Hemisphere began on Tuesday, September 22 

Happy Fall 2020.

This is the first Fall 2020 Explosion....

Will keep track for Fall like I did for Summer 2020 explosions....

Winter 2020 was quiet. So I don't know how the Fall will fair...

Lebanon is hit by ANOTHER explosion: Hezbollah arms depot destroyed after massive blast caused by 'technical error' weeks after Beirut disaster 

Lebanon was hit by yet another explosion today as a column of smoke erupted over a suspected Hezbollah arms depot with several people feared injured. Hezbollah operatives surrounded the blast site after a fire broke out in the village of Ain Qana, 30 miles south of Beirut which was devastated by last month's port disaster. Security sources said today's blast was caused by a 'technical error' and had caused a number of injuries, although Hezbollah officials have not confirmed any casualties. The Iran-backed group is heavily armed but its political wing has been a major player in Lebanese governments in recent years, and efforts to recover from the Beirut blast have been hampered by Hezbollah's insistence on holding onto key ministries. Source 



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