Pope Pius IX On The Indefectibility Of The Church

All. to the Consistory, July 13, 1860.

( Sad state of Religion in Italy - Exhortation to prayer and to courage)

Heaven and earth will indeed pass away, but the words and the promises of the Savior will never pass away (a). As you well know, the most prosperous empires, kingdoms, nations, cities, and provinces can see ruin, be destroyed and annihilated, while the Church founded by Christ Our Lord, constantly supported and increased by his all-powerful strength, cannot possibly be overturned or destroyed. Far from being vanquished or diminished by persecution, she is on the contrary, increased in size and embellished with new and more magnificent triumphs.

"In fact, it is proper to the Church to emerge victorious when she is wounded, to be more manifest when she is attacked, to conquer when she is abandoned" (b). Pius IX 13 July 1860 
(a) Matt 24:35

(b) Hilary de Trinitate, VII. 4. 


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