Suez DOOM! “Evergreen” from A Star Is Born” (1976)

Suez Canal is BLOCKED as enormous 1,312ft, 200,000-ton cargo ship Ever Given runs aground - causing tailbacks snaking HUNDREDS of miles as every tugboat in Egypt is sent to help clear shipping lane

One of the world's largest container ships has blocked the Suez canal causing a massive traffic jam after breaking down while transiting the major shipping lane. The MV Ever Given is classed as an ultra-large container ship and lost power before drifting across the entire width of the canal. The vessel, which is 1,312 feet long and weighs almost 200,000 tonnes was part of a 20-ship convoy heading north through the canal when it lost power and drifted across the entire waterway. The 15 vessels behind have to wait for the Ever Given to be cleared before they can continue their journey. Source 



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