Black Brothers Aaron Jajuan Shelton, 22, Is Arrested & Pier Alexander Shelton, 28, Is Killed After 111mph Chase And Shootout Which Left Three Georgia Officers Wounded


Man, 28, is killed and his 22-year-old brother is arrested after 111mph chase and shootout with cops which left three Georgia officers wounded

One suspect was killed, another was wounded, and three law enforcement officers were injured after an exchange of gunfire during a police chase in Georgia on Monday morning, authorities said. The incident began with a traffic stop on Interstate 20, but quickly escalated into a high-speed pursuit involving officers from at least four departments, as a passenger fired on chasing police cruisers. The chase was initiated by the Georgia State Patrol in Bremen and ended near Georgia 61 and Flat Rock Road, just south of Interstate 20, Carroll County sheriff’s office investigator Ashley Hulsey said. A Georgia State Patrol trooper stationed near Villa Rica, about 50 miles west of Atlanta, noticed a Nissan sedan that was clocked at 111mph. Authorities have identified those inside the car as Aaron Jajuan Shelton, 22, of Birmingham, Alabama, and his older brother, Pier Alexander Shelton, 28, also of Birmingham. It is unclear which one was the alleged driver. Source


  1. You folks in the media ... need to do a little more homework. Yes the incident started with a routine traffic stop, for a Nissan Sentra traveling on I-20 toward Atlanta. The Georgia State Patrol clocked that vehicles speed at 111 mph and initiated a traffic stop for excessive speeding. (41 mph over the speed limit). The suspects initially stopped for police, but fled once the officer exited his vehicle. The officer chased the Nissan, executed a PIT maneuver, which caused the Nissan to turn sideways, the driver regained control of the vehicle and continued speeding away from police. The passenger leaned out the window and started firing rounds from an AK rifle while on a public expressway, eventually hitting the GSP vehicle damaging its cooling system which caused it to break off the chase.

    The Nissan exited the expressway and drove through Carrollton Ga, where they were engaged by the Carrollton city police. The passenger fired rounds again from the AK rifle while on a public highway (61), one of his bullets eventually striking an officer in the head. The officer lost control of his vehicle and struck a utility pole. His fellow officers broke off the chase and assisted the injured officer who had to be life flighted to a local hospital

    Finally the Villa Rica police, with assistance from many other local police forces, engaged the Nissan and its passengers, who exited highway 61, turning onto Whitworth Road, the entrance to Ithica Elementary School in Villa Rica Ga. The police engaged the Nissan causing it to collide with a utility pole, disallowing the two gun wielding assailants from entering the elementary school, about 750 feet away.

    Pier lost his life in an public gun battle with police, in front of a residence on Whitworth road. Aaron eventually surrendered and was taken into custody and is now in the Carroll County Jail. The incident is under investigation by the GBI.

    Both Aaron and Pier have a history of severe criminal behavior, and resulting, prosecution, in Alabama. Aaron was on parole when he and his brother engaged Georgia police and state patrol, in a public gun battle on Monday 12 Apr 2021.


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