A Manner Of Hearing Mass When We Consider It As A Propitiatory Sacrifice For Our Sins, For Which End We Must Offer It.

St Thomas Inspired by the Dove of the Holy Ghost 

A Manner Of Hearing Mass When We Consider It As A Propitiatory Sacrifice For Our Sins, For Which End We Must Offer It.


When the Priest is at the steps of the altar reciting the Confiteor, imagine yourself to appear in the sight of Almighty God all covered with sin, which is so detestable to him. Conceive a true confusion, and humbly acknowledge yourself a sinner, and incapable of repairing the injury you have done to God, or satisfying for your sins; then reflecting that Jesus Christ offers to satisfy his eternal Father for you, raise your hope and confidence inis goodness.


My most dear Saviour, you are my only hope. Your presence puts fear and despair to flight; it is in your sacred merits that I place all my trust and confidence. How great is my obligation to you, my dear Redeemer, for vouchsafing to be my bail, and to pay those debts which I could never have paid. If malice could have equalled so great a goodness, mine had done it, since, instead of spending my life in loving and serving so good a Lord, I have employed it in offending you.

How often have I abused your goodness, slighted your friendship, contemned your love, and turned the stream of mine (which you only can challenge and deserve) towards creatures; thus preferring my own will to yours.

Behold here a copious subject for your pardon, and an ample object to exercise your mercy on. Pardon, O infinite Abyss of mercy, pardon the multitude of my offences. From the bottom of my soul I cry to you, I have sinned, and my sins are in number more than the hours of my life; but though equal to the minutes I have lived, your mercy pradons all, and for one Peccavi from the heart are remitted, O forgive my unfaithfulness. Besides your pardon for the past, give me amendment for the future. Give me grace by the merits of this Sacrifice to sin no more; or if sin be still necessary to suppress my pride, at least grant me a perfect contrition. Enkindle in my heart thay flame charity, that I may love you purely or yourself.

O love of my God, which as much exceeds our love as you Lord excel us! you witness it by dying for us, not only once, but daily dying mystically on our Altars. Give me a gratitude as ample as these benefits. Take from me what is mone, and odious, and give me what belongs to you. Give me an upright heart, and a will conformable to yours, and in all my thoughts, words, and actions, let me have no other aim but your will and greater glory. 

O my God and Father! but shall I dare call you so, after having so much offended you? Being sensible of my unworthiness, I durst not do it, were it not for the precious Blood your Son shed, which he will here offer for me. If my sins provoke your just anger, his Blood will move your compassion. If you are deaf to my sign and tears, you will not be so to his Blood, which cries louder than that of Abel, not for punishment but pardon of my crimes, Besides I know you had rather be esteemed the Father of mercy than the God of vengeance; all which makes me hope that you will not reject a contrite and humble heart; especially when presented by your Son, who, as our High Priest, is going to immolate himself in favour of me; for his sake


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