Belarus-Poland-Ukraine Border Conflagration: Why Is Putin Pushing The Muslim Immigrant Invasion Of Poland?


And I thought Putin was a darling of the Rad Trads?

Oh wait Poland is also the darling of Rad Trads?

Confusing isn't it......


East and West go toe-to-toe: Russian paratroopers are deployed to Belarus close to Poland border as 'Britain sends soldiers to strengthen Polish defences' after White House warned Putin could invade Ukraine 'imminently'

Russia is carrying out snap military drills in Belarus just a few miles from the Polish border today, as fears grow that Vladimir Putin is preparing for an invasion in eastern Europe. Russia's defence ministry said the unannounced drill would involve paratroopers from both countries dropping at the Gozhsky range, just 20 miles from where migrants are gathered at the Polish border, where they will practice capturing bridges as well as hunting down and destroying enemy patrols. Belarus said the drill was in response to the 'build-up of military activity' at the Polish border, where 15,000 troops have been stationed to help hold back the migrants, while Russia said it was to test the 'combat readiness' of its troops. Russia has previously flown nuclear-capable bombers over Belarus as a show-of-strength.At the same time, Polish defence minister Mariusz B┼éaszczak revealed British engineers have been deployed to help strengthen the border defences amid warnings from all sides that the crisis risks spilling over into a conflict. 

Separately, Washington warned its European allies that Putin could be preparing for an invasion of Ukraine's eastern borders - hundreds of miles from where the migrant crisis is playing out - after satellites spotted troops, tanks and artillery pieces massing there. American intelligence sources have briefed their European counterparts of a possible Kremlin military operation in Ukraine's east to annex territory similar to the 2014 annexation of the Crimean peninsula. The US has refused to share exactly what intel it has of an imminent attack, but the warning comes after satelite images revealed a build-up of tens of thousands of Russian troops, tanks and artillery pieces close to the border. Ukraine - which has been fighting a proxy-war against Russian-backed separatists in its eastern regions for years - has moved 8,500 more troops to the border in response. Source


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