FSSP Conspiracy: Father James W. Jackson And FSSP Laity Using Child Porn To Help Frame One Of Their Enemies......

su·per·flu·ous /so͞oˈpərflo͞oəs/: unnecessary, especially through being more than enough.

“Without the faith (I mean real belief in God) and the pursuit of the interior life,” he continued, “Celibacy just creates a class of professional bachelors who are still saying Mass and doing baptisms, but are overcome with isolation and even depression.” “They naturally turn to the natural for consolation,” he warned. “And with that turning from God, there is hell to pay.” Father James W. Jackson

Father Jackson, 66, was arrested Oct. 30 by members of a Rhode Island state task force executing a search warrant at St. Mary’s rectory. He was charged with possession of child pornography, transfer of child pornography, and child erotica prohibited. Two days after his arrest, federal authorities filed additional charges against him — distributing child pornography and possessing and accessing with intent to view child pornography — in U.S. District Court in Providence. A forensic analyst with the Rhode Island State Police found “hundreds of image and video files depicting [child sexual abuse material]” during an on-scene forensic preview of a two-terabyte external hard drive located in an office area adjacent to Father Jackson’s bedroom, according to an affidavit filed in support of the federal charges. Source   

OK FSSP Father James W. Jackson is innocent of using or abusing child pornography for his own personal use. 

No. That pornographic materiel was not for his use

The material was not for his personal use but was to be used to plant on someones else's computer to frame that individual.

Makes more sense?

Again there is something wrong with the FSSP - and I would not be surprised that a group of FSSP bloggers/laymen headed by Father James W. Jackson wanted to frame one of their on-line enemies.

So in a way Fr Jackson is innocent but on the other hand...

He hath opened a pit and dug it; and he is fallen into the hole he made." Psalms 7:16

On the other hand he and other FSSP Laity may have wanted to frame someone else - call it a conspiracy.

I'm sure most of Father's fans would approve of planting porn on one of Father's enemies computer.

"See Father's not the pervert! that other guy is! because we planted it on his computer!"

Who is the enemy?

Well any SSPX member is their enemy.

So there is more to this story.

I will say it again the FSSP needs to be shut down.


  1. I wonder if this will be updated now that Fr. Jackson admitted there is reasonable cause to believe he possessed explicit material including child pornography. Probably not. “Additionally, he further admitted that the government could establish probable cause that he committed a new crime, to wit, possession of child pornography, while on pretrial release," https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/252455/details-emerge-over-father-james-jacksons-alleged-pre-trial-release-violations

  2. "Well any SSPX member is their enemy."

    This comment is bizarre. SSPX are traditional catholics. This would be a grave mortal sin. Actually, many mortal sins. They do believe in Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

    There are many groups that have been traditionally at war with the catholic church that do not believe in the Last 4 Things. That would seem to be the more obvious guess, unless you either don't want to name those groups or you are a part of those groups. Even the Novus Ordo folks would seem more likely than the SSPX.


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