Acts Of Poverty


Jesus among the Doctors 
c. 1558 or 1566-67

1. Sweet Jesu, that said: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven: Grant me for thy infinite mercies, that I may attain, unto this poverty of spirit upon earth; that after death I may ever enjoy thee in heaven.

2. O Lord of infinite riches and majesty, though I had a thousand worlds full of gold, yet would I rather renounce them all, then so possess them, as to loose thee.

3. Do not permit dear Lord, that I possess these worldly commodities, which thou hast given me, with such affection of heart, as to offend thee.

4. O Lord of infinite mercy, who taught all men, saying: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Grant me a willing mind out of these gifts which thou hast given me, to use mercy and charity towards all, that at they day of my death, I may find mercy before thee.

5. Grant me dear Lord a true poverty of spirit, that I may renounce all the fame, glory, and riches of the world, the more to enjoy thee.

6. Do not permit me dear Lord, that if riches (thy gifts) increase; I set my heart upon them.

7. Most bountiful Lord, I renounce, with a good will, all inordinate affection towards treasures, the more to please thee.

8. Do not suffer me dear Lord, to have any affection towards worldly riches, honor, beauty or apparel, which are but vanities.

9. O that I had a thousand worlds full of gold, not to possess them; but willingly to renounce them for thy love my Lord.

10.  Most dear Lord, I will possess no other thing but thee; and what I have, only for thee.

11. Most bountiful Lord, I renounce with a good will, whatsoever might be desired besides thee, the more to please thee.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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