First Sunday After The Epiphany Which Is The Sunday Within The OCTAVES Thereof GOSPEL Luc.2.42 The Wednesday Meditation

Luke 2. 42-52 GOSPEL 
When Jesus was twelve years old, they going up into Jerusalem according to the custom of the feast, and having fulfilled the days, when they returned, the Child Jesus remained in Jerusalem, and His parents knew it not. And thinking that He was in the company, they came a day’s journey, and sought Him among His kinsfolk and acquaintance. And not finding Him, they returned into Jerusalem, seeking Him. And it came to pass that after three days they found Him in the Temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, hearing them and asking them questions. And all that heard Him were astonished at His wisdom and His answers. And seeing Him they wondered. And His mother said to Him: Son, why hast Thou done so to us? Behold Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing. And He said to them: How is it that you sought Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business? And they understood not the word that He spoke unto them. And He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them. And His mother kept all these words in her heart. And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and grace with God and men.


Though the commandment did not bind women, nor children to go to the Temple, but only men: yet our blessed lady would go with Joseph, and take with her, her little son Jesus. Our blessed lady went with Joseph her reputed husband to instruct married couples, to be in one another company as mush as they may, for avoiding diverse inconveniences that may happen; as also to accompany, and forward one another in going to Church: and other places of devote services of God, as they did to the Temple: not for any need they had to forward or help one another; but for our example, who have need of such helps.

And she carried her son Jesus with her, though not with out some fear, and danger (some secretly seeking his death) not that he had any need to be inured to piety, and devotion, he being the Master thereof even then when he was a child, instructing, and teaching the Doctors in the Temple, in so much that they were stricken with great admiration, that a lad of twelve years old (for that was his age when he went to the Temple) should have so much wisdom, and piety as to teach them.

Our blessed lady therefore carried not her son Jesus with her to the Temple for any need she had to inure him topiary, and devotion: but to instruct us, whose children have need; remembering that the wise man in the Scripture telleth us, it is good for is to inure ourselves to the yoke of our Lord, and Master from our youth, and that as the proverb telleth us, a vessel will long savor of that liquor it was first seasoned with all; Remembering also that when God promised to give Sara a son in her old age he promised it in these words: I will bless her, and give her a son; And in diverse places of holy Scripture, to have children, is called a benediction of God: for this reason principally, because they are an occasion of so great merit for breeding them up in the fear, and service of God, as nothing almost can be greater, and more beneficial to Gods Church, which if they do not as much as lieth in their power, this great benediction may turn them to a malediction as great.

A Plaine Path-Way To Heaven By Fr.Thomas Hill 1634 


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