Meditation On The Imposting Upon Our Savior The Name Of Jesus. POINT III


Thirdly, I will consider the greatness of this sweet name; the great profit that we reap by it; and the manner how we are to make our commodity thereof: but before we enter into this consideration, I am to beseech the eternal Father, that for the glory of this most holy name, he will be pleased to illuminate me, that I may know its greatness, for if (as St Paul sayeth) no man can duly say JESUS, but in the holy Ghost: then can no man worthily ponder, and understand what is contained in the name of JESUS, if he be not prevented, and aided by the same holy Ghost.

1. This presupposed, I will consider how the name of JESUS, is a summary, and memorial of all the greatness that are in Christ our Lord, reducing them to three heads: for that it is the sum of all the perfections that agree to him as he is God: and of all the graces, and virtues that he hath, as he is man: and of all the offices, that as he is God and man, he doth unto men. So that I may well infer, if he be JESUS, then is he infinitely good, holy, wise, omnipotent, and fluff mercy: and the very goodness, sanity, and wisdom of almighty God: of ll this is needfulnto agree with the name JESUS, who (as St. Paul sayeth) is made unto us, wisdom, justice, sanctification,and redemption. Likewise if he be JESUS, then he is exceedingly mild, humble, patient, strong,modest, obedient, and charitable: for he is to be the pattern of all these virtues; and of his fulness all men are to receive the graces, and virtues wherewith they are to be saved. Again, if he be JESUS, then he is our master, our physician, our father, our judge, our pastor, our protector, and our advocate. So that in JESUS only we have all things: and therefore I may say unto him, JESUS mens & omnia.


O my JESUS, and my all things: If I be sick, thou art my health: if hungry, thou art my fulness: if I be poor, thou art my riches: if weak, thou art my strength: if I be ignorant. thou art my wisdom: and if I be a sinner, thou art my justice, my sanctification, and redemption. O my JESUS, and my all things, grant me, that I may love thee above all things, and that in thee only I may seek my repose, an perfect saciety: for in thee only is altogether all that, which can satiate me: for thou only art my sole summum bonum, to whom be honor and glory world without end, Amen.

2. Hereupon, I may also discourse, how in this sweetest name are included all the glorious names that the Prophets give the Messias: such as are those related by the Prophet Isaias, saying: That he shall be called God, Strong, Admirable, Counseller, Father of the world to come, and Prince of peace. Pondering how the name of God is fitting to JESUS: for if he had not been God, he could not have remedied us; and he hath the name of Strong, for he is to fight against, and to vanquish the devils; the name of admirable, for all that is in him, his incarnation, life, and death is all new, and marvelous. JESUS likewise is a Counselor, and the Angel of the great Counsel, for his doctrine is replete with admirable counsels. JESUS is the Father of the world to come, engendering us in the being of grace, and giving us the inheritance of glory. He is the Prince of Peace, pacifying us with God and with men, with abundance of all peace.


O great JESUS, how will befitteth thee the greatness of these names: and seeing they are not names empty, but full, work in me that which all of them signfy, that I may glorify thee for the glory that thou hast from them, Amen.

3. From hence I may ascend to ponder the benefits that I have in this sweet name JESUS: which is the only means to obtain pardon of all my sins: it is the reason why I should be heard in my prayers: it is the medicine of all my spiritual infirmities: it is my offensive, and defensive armor against the devils in all my temptations: it is my protection in all dangers: it is my light and my guide in all my ignorances: it is to me a pattern, and example of all virtues: & finally it is the fire, and prick that inflameth, and inciteth me to procure them. From these considerations, I am to collect a great desire that this most holy name may be always fixed in my memory to be mindful of it: in my understanding to meditate on it: and in my will to love, and to rejoice in it. I am to imprint it in my heart, that it may be always untied with me: and to keep it in my tongue, to praise, and to bless it, delighting to publish the greatness thereof, taking it for the beginning, and ending of all my speeches, and naming it with high reverence both interior, and exterior: seeing (as the Apostle sayeth) In the name JESUS every knee boweth both of heaven, earth, and purgatory; yea, and those of hell, who in despite of them, shall be forced to respect it.


O sweet JESUS, be JESUS unto me in all my faculties, exercising in them the office of JESUS, that they may likewise be exercised infall that pertaineth to thy honor, for ever, and ever, Amen.


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