FASCICULUS MYRRHAE: Of Our Saviors Apprehension, Injuries Sustained In Caiaphas House, and St. Peters Denying Him.

Altarpiece with the Passion of Christ: Arrest of Christ 

Of Our Saviors Apprehension, Injuries Sustained In Caiphas House, and St. Peters Denying Him.

THE Sonne of God, in the delivery of himselfé to the Berith fouidiers ſent to ap: prchend him, bebaued himſeite 17 in Our Ssxiosir's Paillion. 31 2. lin a inoſt diuine manner. 

First by Imanifefting his wifedoine,in for- telling their commingto bis flec- 'fy dilciples, and that Isediss as a Captayne , caine before them which exceedingly atflicted him. 

His greate Fortitude , in going onwards to meet them. 

3. His Maiefty and greatncs, in ſtaying ſuch furious troupes, not daring but au'fully , & with Icauc to approach him. 

4. His Omnipotency in ca- Ning thein backward, halte dead on the ground, by the dreadfull terrour of his great Nanc ( Ego 0,1 an herttered vnto them. S. His manfuetude, and mor- cy, in healing of Malchus care, u'ounded before thein, 

6. His Prouidence, & Father- ly care, in freeing his diciples Pro his aducrfarics Kids betore hc would deliver himiclfcunto thić, B4 

7. His Gravity and gracious Charity to geather, in reprehen- ding and letting them know, in! hou' tumultuous and vnitting a manner, they came to apprehend him, who was urontin preaching and doing miracles, to be con- uerfantazongſt them. 

And then as God himſelfe in humane nature , 2g2ynſt whome no created power could preuayle without his permiſſion, Bohoslat (ſayd he) this is your horre, the power of darkenes, yielding him- lelfe to , capuue vnto them, he Telolued with a glad filence and patience, tofustör allforts of tor- ments and dilgiaces, which the very Diuells could deuile, and their wicked in truméts execute 232ynſt him. 

They sizedon him forthwith as blout-bounds on their preyi bound him with ropes, haliit him 1 } 1 O:sr Saviours P. 117113 33 him with out-cryes towards the Citty, fparing not in the wav,any furcible iniuryes, and outrages againſt him, as may be weli ga- thired from chole horrible villa- nyes & painefull ditgraces, unich in Arns's, and Cips boules, they vled afterwards vnio him. 

Where they blindfolded him with napkins, thrown: ouer his face , willing perchance to be lo couered, that his beirty hidden, might be the lelle ipared, &that he might not leeme to ice, and note for reueng, ſuch as bustered him the whilſt, as payned, and re. proached him. 

Ac wholciniuries and indigni. tics, he iras far leile troubled, thé at his belo!dd dilciples fault, andf2!!, in his prélence. 

For care- lefle then of himnleife, be could not but compailionate , & tecke to remedy the distresſés of his friend, B S 34 A Treatiſe of friends in lo muchas he rouled himſelfe vp, 2 nidſt his owne dil- graces, to raile him , & betweene his buffets,and blindfoldings, he found a mianes, to caſt a looke of wonted loue, and mercy on him. 

So as when with his tongue he could not yet with his eyes he taught him to know the foulenes of his fault,and great ingratitude towards him.

Viewing his face,he pierced his hart,ano tlied it with loue and forror, louerai yne me- dicines , fpeedily curing annes roareſt woundings. S.P:t:r went ou, as loathing the place, and deteting the occa- fion of his horrible Sinne thrice cómitted;che vlual Gignes in ho. ly Conueriitsofharty repentace. 

He repe bitterly', as taught by invard grices, to know, that che deose flayncs of his tinner, could not , but wrichlich flouds oll 1 Our Savio::rs P.fion. 35 of ardent loue, and bitter lorrow, be throughly cleani:1: His di- uine Lord to intendi.zcy occa- Gon of linne, to lanctity him the more;by cotrition to heale him; by his fall to rayle him ; and by Nooling graces, more abundanily to reſtore them. 

He meant to ray ſe a high buil- ding, in the foule of this Bletled Apoils, and perinitred chorfore, thir which he hai built already therein,co fall, that he might af- terwards layc'a deeper founda- rion of hinility in hi!n; which before he wanted, when too pre- furningly he could his Maiiter, that alchough ail others Mould forlikehiin, ire alone would fol- low,and contc:Ic hini. 

So husband men, ſeeing their corne zrowe ranck, before it be well rooted, turne in beaſts, to baue it eaten co the bare earth B 6 and 136 A Trostiſe of 1 and deuoured. 

So Painters dar their workes, when they find yn- ſurely laid , the ground-colours of them. Andas nature hath wiſely, and needfully orday ned, that high trees, ſhould haue deep rootings, for tbe ſtability of them: ſoché Authortherot;is euer carefull, to giue his holyeſt feruants,greateſt humility, the necellary, & nou- rilaing roure of all vertues , ra- ther perniitting them to fall into Anne (as S. Peter did; then to haue any little rocre of pride, to grow within them, hupply reſtoring graces loft, with this vertue of bumility gayned, neceflary to confirnie them. 

Fasciculus Myrrhae   John Falconer 1633


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