Let The Seasons Begin, Take The Big King Down.........Canadian Sniper 'Won't Hesitate To Squeeze The Trigger When The Time Comes'

EXCLUSIVE: Revealed: The mystery Canadian sniper who left his fiancée and baby son behind to take on the Russians in Ukraine - as he warns Putin he 'won't hesitate to squeeze the trigger when the time comes'    

The world holds its breath as deranged Vladimir Putin prepares to unleash the full force of Russia's troops in a David and Goliath battle for Ukraine's historic capital, Kyiv. But the despot's soldiers will pay a devastating price when they finally set foot inside the besieged city, according to 'Wali' - an elite sniper and western freedom fighter who plans to pick them off with pinpoint accuracy. A veteran of two tours of Afghanistan with the Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment, Wali left behind a fiancée, one-year-old son and a comfortable life as an IT programmer to answer Ukraine's plea for foreign recruits.Weeks later he's hidden high above the streets of Kyiv in a secret nook ready to greet the first Russian invader he sees with a bullet from his .338 rifle. 'I don't like the idea of shooting anyone. But when the time comes to squeeze the trigger I won't hesitate,' Wali tells DailyMail.com in an exclusive phone interview. 'If Putin really wants Kyiv he is going to have to pay a huge price. Nobody wants the Russians here and everyone will resist. The damage we can do to them will be crazy. They will lose so many lives it will become another Stalingrad.' Source   



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