Russian FSB Officers Manning Vladimir Putin's Superyacht Mysteriously Vanished Into Italy........Cover Your Tracks, We Know What's Best For You You've Bitten Off Much More Than You Can Chew

First pictures of the shadowy Russian FSB officers manning 'Vladimir Putin's $600m superyacht' in Tuscany - who ALL mysteriously vanished overnight

These are the first pictures of the Russian FSB officers who were manning 'Vladimir Putin's £500 million superyacht' before they all mysteriously vanished overnight - and replaced by an all-British crew, MailOnline can reveal. They emerged as workmen continued to carry out a lavish dry dock refit of the luxury 460ft vessel called The Scheherazade at the Italian port of Marina di Carrara in Tuscany. Financial police boarded the yacht earlier this month and took away piles of paperwork amid calls for it to be seized and they are also going through the 40-strong crew list. Earlier this week allies of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny released details of the all-Russian crew who they claim were all members of the security services and Putin's personal guards. They called for the 140m yacht to be impounded as part of sanctions against Putin and they were backed by Ukrainian opposition leader Volodymyr Zelensky when he addressed Italian MPs via video link on Tuesday. According to the Navalny investigation the crew were all members of the Kremlin's FSB and FSO – Russia's VIP government protection agency and security service.

The list gives the name of each crew member, as well as their date of birth, nationality and visa number and is topped by skipper Guy Bennett-Pearce, 42, from Taunton, Somerset. Others identified include Vitaliy Belenko, who is member of the FSO – the agency that protects Putin and, according to Navalny's supporters, 'organises his life'. He is joined by chief officer of second mate Sergei Grishin – who is also a FSO operative – while next on the list is boatswain Anatoly Furtel.According to the dossier compiled by Navalny's team, Furtel's address is given as Furmanova Street, 10 in Sochi – which is a regional HQ for the FSO – and which according to marine traffic apps was visited by The Scheherazade in the summer of 2021. The Sochi FSO takes care of Putin while he holidays in the Boharov Ruchey, his lavish summer residence in the city and also the location for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Other FSO officers named are Alexander Khristoforov, whose role on the yacht is given as carpenter, Sergei Brikalov, who is the driver and responsible for the underwater part of The Scheherazade and Alexander Yasko Also named is boatswain's mate Alexander Pechurkin,a member of the FSB. Source     

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