Mike Parrott Is In A lot Of Trouble - Church Militant Claims Parrott May Have Attempted Wire Fraud..Among Other Things......

FSSP VS FSSP See how they love one another......

This is a FSSP MESS....

Looks bad for Parrott.

I have to admit I wondered why Parrott was quick to raise funds for a Priest who was caught with Child Porn.

Then Church Militant got in Parrott's way - this is what I thought. Who knows what Parrott would have done with the funds if Church Militant didn't say anything?

To be clear both Parrott and Church Militant are FSSP. Granted Parrott claims he now attends Latin Mass elsewhere and Christine hints that she no longer goes to a FSSP Latin Mass Chapel, but both have attended the FSSP for several years and have been formed by the FSSP Priests and most of their listeners and viewers are FSSP. 

So this is a fruit of the FSSP.

And to be clear all top 40 or Rad Trad Influencers are FSSPers or have been FSSPers. Its no secret.

These Rad Trad Influencers are formed by the FSSP and think and believe the same. They also fight among themselves. The most well known FSSP Ann Barnhardt had Fr. Jackson as her spiritual director until Ann went Rougue and hid herself after Pope Francis was elected.

Taylor Marshall is also a product of the FSSP.

So there is something sinister with the FSSP - why are all top 40 Rad Trad Influencers FSSP? How is this possible.

One thing I've notice is that these FSSP Influencers try and deflect from or hide the fact that they are FSSP. Some of the nutters claim that it is the Opus Dei that is behind all the attacks on the SSPX etc.


Ask yourself why none of these top 40 or so FSSP Rad Trad Influencers ever attack the FSSP? Do you not remember that every last one of these FSSPers attacked the SSPX in one form or another for the last 15 years or so. From Michael Matt to Timothy Gordon to Cardinal Burke - They all attacked the SSPX.

So for one to ignore that FSSP is behind all the attacks on the SSPX over the years goes shows you the extent that these sorry souls will go to hide the obvious fact. If Opus Dei attacked the SSPX because of SSPX defense of Tradition then why wouldn't Opus Dei attack the FSSP as well? Why would Opus Dei leave the FSSP alone? Doesn't make any sense.

To be fair Church Militant did a good job with this investigation. And I bet Mike Parrott and his gang will not be producing podcasts anymore. 

Read the whole article the link is below.


WESTON, Mo. (ChurchMilitant.com) - Newly obtained emails reveal Michael R. Parrott, owner of Restoring the Faith Media, may have attempted wire fraud and money laundering by asking for financial kickbacks, and may be under federal investigation.

The evidence vindicates Church Militant's reporting on Parrott, who is being sued for defamation after he launched false attacks on this media organization in retaliation for our questioning of his use of donor money.

Fr. Jackson Fundraiser

Parrott, a Catholic podcaster, is best known for launching a fundraiser for Fr. James Jackson, a member of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), arrested in October for possession and distribution of child porn involving infants, toddlers and bestiality.

While Parrott admitted to having no relationship with the priest, he loudly trumpeted Jackson's cause in November when he launched his crowdfunding campaign, appealing to distressed Catholics who refused to believe such a respected, traditionalist priest could be viewing child porn.

He called his fundraiser "Truth for Fr. James Jackson, FSSP," and ended up raising a total of $146,000.

In a video asking people to donate, he peddled theories that Jackson may have been "framed" by federal agents, who "planted" the evidence, or that Jackson's computer may have been "hacked." No evidence has been offered to substantiate such theories.

He described the goals of his fundraiser thus:

At least 50% of the proceeds will go towards forensic computing and private investigation — the rest to his legal defense. WE ONLY CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH. EVEN IF THE TRUTH IS DIFFICULT TO PROCESS. In an age of political policing, the faithful deserve a 2nd pair of eyes on the evidence.

That "evidence" was widely understood by the public and donors to mean the computer and external hard drive on which the child porn was found — the evidence the U.S. attorney is using to prosecute Fr. Jackson, and the only relevant evidence in this case.

Church Militant has confirmed that those close to Fr. Jackson did not want Parrott to engage in a private investigation of the case and tried to discourage him from doing so. Even so, Parrott hired an investigator to conduct "forensic computing" and to serve as the "second pair of eyes on the evidence."

The investigator Parrott hired is not licensed and has no experience investigating cybercrimes; neither does he have expertise in forensic computing. He also filed for bankruptcy.

But the man he hired, Church Militant has confirmed, is not licensed and has no experience investigating cybercrimes; neither does he have expertise in forensic computing.

Neither did he ever obtain access to the computer or hard drive to conduct any "forensic computing."

And details of the "private investigation" have never been released, six months after Parrott's promises to find the "TRUTH" for Fr. Jackson and give regular updates on the case, leaving donors in the dark.

The investigator himself, Church Militant has confirmed, has recently filed for bankruptcy, in spite of receiving $55,000 of donor money to conduct the Fr. Jackson investigation.

It remains unclear whether the investigator will ever complete his probe or what happened to the $55,000 in donor funds.

The investigator is also refusing to respond to a subpoena to hand over any files on the Fr. Jackson case, which would reveal the work done, if any, in the "private investigation."

Attempted Wire Fraud or Money Laundering?

While it is protocol for federal agents neither to confirm nor deny current investigations, Church Militant has reason to believe Parrott may be under federal investigation for attempted wire fraud in Rhode Island and Missouri, where he resides.

In addition to $65,000 of donor funds given to Fr. Jackson's attorney, John Calcagni III, Parrott also gave more than $20,000 to Calcagni to hold in escrow, so Parrott could say that "all" of the money had been distributed.

Emails between Parrott and Calcagni, however, show Parrott wanted a kickback: He asked Calcagni to give him $5,950 of donor money for Parrott's personal use, contrary to promises to donors that "100%" would go to Fr. Jackson.

This is illegal and considered a federal crime.

Parrott may be under federal investigation for attempted wire fraud in Rhode Island and Missouri.

A Jan. 24, 2022 email from Parrott to Jackson's attorney reads:

Because of the anti-Fr. Jackson crazies out there (who are suing me, now) I had to hire a CPA to verify the fundraise and spend. I bargained them down as low as I could for what's called an 'Agreed-Upon Procedures' report, but it will be about $5,950. Would it be possible to pay this from the escrow?

A Jan. 28 email shows Calcagni responding to Parrott's request for a refund: "We need to talk this weekend. It's important."

While the contents of that talk are unknown, Church Militant has confirmed Calcagni refused Parrott's request.

Calcagni, a former federal prosecutor, would have understood the grave legal problems with Parrott's request, and correctly turned down the offer. Source


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