Sibylla Tiburtina On The Great Monarch....

‘Godfrey of Viterbo, the tutor of Henry VI, hailed the boy as the future Saviour foretold of prophets, the time-fulfilling Caesar. Even before the birth Godfrey had in sibylline speech informed his master that the coming son was destined to prove the long-awaited King of all the World, who should unite East and West as the Tiburtine sibyl had foretold.’ Ernst Kantorowicz

Sibylla Tiburtina

‘A star shall arise in Europe over the Iberians, toward the great house of the North, whose beams shall unexpectedly enlighten the whole world. This shall be in a most desired time, when mortal men, being weary of armies, with joint consent embrace peace. Almost at the same time of this star, a light as ancient as the former, of the same age, burning with far more eager flames, shall extend his government to the coasts of the Antipodes. France shall first be yoked by this King or Prince. Britain shall humbly cast herself at his knees. Italy, pausing with great deliberation upon high enterprises, will contribute to him her languishing right hand. But this very light shall hide itself in the clouds of the gods long before his time with the mighty desire of mortal men.’

Modern day Sibylla Ellie Rowsell


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